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1941 Buick Super 4-Door Convertible Sedan


Chassis Restoration

The frame of the 1941 Buick was cleaned of rust and accumulated dirt and grease and painted. New springs were installed at all corners along with rebuilt shock absorbers and related components. The entire steering system was restored and properly adjusted. One of the A-frames was found to be bent as a result of a prior accident. Accordingly, all front suspension components were rebuilt and finished as manufactured. All brakes but one were inoperative. The brake system was completely rebuilt with new lines, brass-lined cylinders, re-plated backing plates, and new or reground brake drums installed along with new shoes and hardware.

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1941 Buick
rear brake and suspension
1941 Buick
front suspension
1941 Buick
steering linkage components
1941 Buick
front brake
Underside after restoration
1941 Buick typical
wheel after restoration
Frame after cleaning
Frame as restored

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