“Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten”
AAE Services

Restoring a complete car is a time-consuming and expensive process. Many hobbyists tackle restorations on their own and others seek out the help of professionals; there are many offering such services. However, not all “professionals” can perform. Sometimes the work is just poor quality, the result of uncaring workers and inferior parts. In other cases, the restorer takes your money and then doesn’t do all the work promised. The result is often a partially disassembled car with many key parts lost. I know because much of the work at Anderson Automotive Enterprises over the years has consisted of cleaning up messes made by others. While we have been successful, it is a lot more fun for me to work with a customer who has not had a money-losing, bad experience to begin. Do it right, do it once is the most economical.

AAE also provides:

  • Maintenance which is defined as repair of individual systems, e.g., clutch replacement, tune-ups, lubrication, etc.;
  • Detailing of complete cars or parts of the car for car shows or the owner’s personal enjoyment;
  • Appraisals of car value;
  • Provenance (a car’s history) investigations.

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