“Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten”

All AAE services are sold on a time and materials basis. I charge for my labor using a range of market-based prices consistent with the skill and experience required for the tasks to be performed. Because Anderson Automotive Enterprises (AAE) is a one-person shop, these hourly rates are converted to a weighted average applicable to all time expended on a project.

Parts, unique materials, and the service of subcontractors necessary for the project are charged without any markup. However, I do charge for the time needed to locate, order, or otherwise acquire these parts and services plus the cost of the related shipping or freight charges incurred. Many parts for collector cars are no longer commonly available and are obtained from reproduction specialists, purveyors of used parts, and aftermarket suppliers. These are often not the same as new parts obtained from the car’s manufacturer requiring supplemental work by AAE to perform and/or fit as intended.

Many other materials are commonly needed to complete AAE’s services. To recover the cost of these necessary Shop Supplies and to recover the costs imposed by compliance with state and federal environmental regulations I add a percentage of the project’s labor cost.

Each engagement is defined by a written contract describing the terms and conditions of our offering. See “contracts” for more information.

All cars serviced by AAE are subjected to a thorough road test before release to ensure that the agreed work has been completed to AAE’s quality standards. Additionally, a limited warranty is provided for all restoration and maintenance services. Typically, this warranty covers a 60-day period. Any warranties offered by parts suppliers or subcontractors are transferred to the car owner on which the parts are installed.