“Quality is Remembered Long After Price is Forgotten”

An estimate of the costs and time required for the work to be performed is provided to the customer as part of the contract negotiations before work begins and then incorporated into the contract for services.

Each project is subjected to a comprehensive evaluation at the beginning. This mandatory evaluation is provided to ensure that the customer is aware of all pre-existing conditions that do not conform to factory specifications or like-new condition. It is common for customers to be unaware of certain conditions that need repair. At this stage, the original estimate is updated and if necessary the Agreement amended. Should the customer decide not to continue, AAE is paid for the time consumed by the evaluation and related communication from the retainer and the balance returned to the customer along with the car.

Customers are cautioned that my estimates are based on conditions which are obvious at the project outset and/or which could have been reasonably foreseen based on the nature and scope of services. Initial diagnoses and conditions exposed as the work proceeds may alter the initial estimates. In these circumstances, the customer will be informed of any change in the cost and time required created by the unforeseen condition and an agreement obtained to perform any additional work. If this additional work significantly alters the original cost estimate, an increase in the project retainer may be required.