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1941 Buick Super 4-Door Convertible Sedan



A 1941 Buick Convertible Sedan was badly deteriorated when obtained by the current owner. I became acquainted with him as it was being restored by another. When this restoration was “complete” I was called upon to sort out some wiring issues so that components would operate as intended, adjust the doors to fit properly, finish installation of the windows and adjust them to fit, and to tune the engine so it would operate properly.

At first glance, the 1941 Buick appeared nice with its fresh paint, new top, and interior. A closer inspection and developments as the initial work proceeded uncovered numerous instances of non-authentic details, substantial defects in the suspension, driveline, and body work ranging from incorrect fitting components to poor workmanship. Extra care and effort were expended to protect the owner’s investment in the original restoration work.

The comprehensive restoration of this 1941 Buick Super Convertible Sedan involved complete restoration of the suspension, steering, braking, transmission and clutch. The engine was sound but all engine ancillaries and cosmetics were restored. In addition, most of the body panels were redone, all window mechanisms rebuilt and the convertible top completely overhauled including straightening the frame bows, proper refinishing and reassembly of the top components. A new top with proper trim was installed and a new boot fitted. The car has been judged a Gold Senior car by the Buick Club of America.

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1941 Buick Super 4-door Convertible Sedan
1941 Buick Super 4-Door Convertible Sedan
Car as Received
Finished Restoration

Details on this project follow:
Chassis Restoration | Engine & Driveline | Interior | Body | Convertible Top

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